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  • Maximize your blasting efficiency with Schmidt® AirPrep™ Aftercooler Moisture Removal Systems, engineered for superior performance even in high humidity environments or critical applications. Utilizing an over-sized radiator for optimal flow and cooling, this rugged system features a stainless steel coalescing demister pad, ensuring non-restrictive, effective moisture removal, and requiring no replacement elements. Built to last, the Schmidt® AirPrep™ enhances production by allowing up to 15% faster blasting and reducing abrasive expenditure, thanks to its negligible pressure loss design and efficient moisture elimination.


    • The Premium Industry Standard AirDryer
    • Uses Aftercooler design to cool the air for maximum moisture removal
    • Removes 90% of the moisture in the blasting air
    • Pneumatic Fan motor mean you don't need electricity to run this onsite
    • Size based on the size of your compressor
    • Suitable for warm weather or indoor use
    • Genuine Schmidt® Products - Guaranteed to Perform!

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