55 cuft Vacuum Interceptor Drop-out hopper

SKU: VAVacuInt55

  • Capacity of 4 tons of garnet
  • Designed to sit between the VacuLoad and the vacuum head
  • Drops out the abrasive, and 90% of the dust
  • Simply acts as a cyclone separator

Available on backorder


The Interceptor is a key component in BlastOne’s Vacuload system. The Interceptor sits between the vacuum generation VacuLoad unit and the pick-up tool. It’s purpose is to drop out abrasive and dust, ready for reuse or disposal 3 sizes are available – 20,55 & 100 cu ft. The Interceptor requires no additional power/compressed air and does not use cartridges. It simply acts as an efficient drop-out œcyclone. The Interceptor can also act as a storage hopper for used or new abrasive. If using new abrasive, it can directly feed your blast pot. If recovering waste abrasive, it can feed into disposal containers.

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