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The Purpose Of Maintenance And Daily Checklists

Download free blasting and painting daily checklists

Although many people consider maintenance scheduling and checklists a mere administrative task, failure to execute them, or delaying them threatens the safety of your workers, the environment and ultimately your profitability.

Maintenance checks should be completed before each workday commences. These inspections find possible hazards – like wear and tear, and other safety concerns BEFORE real damage can befall the jobsite.

Having equipment fail because of delayed or neglected maintenance may jeopardize worker safety, but it will definitely compromises efficiency.  Having to fix the equipment, or replace it will take time away from the work that could have been done.

Any injury befalling a jobsite worker through equipment failure, also causes inefficiencies.  And all inefficiencies result in loss of productivity.

Oil, abrasives, contaminated water – these can all hurt the environment but can be mediated by daily inspections and maintenance scheduling.

Finally, making it a habit to inspect and schedule regularly needed maintenance helps keep your company in compliance with various government regulations and safety standards.  Failure to tow this line can be costly as well.

Download our simple checklists for both blasting and painting and ensure your jobsite is as safe, productive and environmentally responsible as possible.

DOWNLOAD Our FREE daily maintenance and work risk checklists
Download the spray painting pre-check and daily component checklist
Download the blasting pre-check and daily component checklist

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