About BlastOne

Making blasting and painting safer, more efficient and cleaner for over 40 years.

A superior approach to blasting

At BlastOne, we understand that businesses operate under tremendous pressures in today’s tough economy. There are pressures to contain costs, hit deadlines, and ensure a perfectly finished surface for your project. If your project team slips up in just one area, the whole job could be at risk.

BlastOne also understand that surface preparation and blasting is normally not where most of our customers make their profit. However, if surface preparation does not go well it can have a significant negative impact on the job’s cost, profitability and the customer’s satisfaction.

We’re here to change the equation.

These steps can significantly increase your business’s speed, and lower waste, resulting in higher customer satisfaction—and a stronger bottom line.

How do we do this? By delivering not only the best abrasives and equipment in the industry, but also provide the practical know-how to do each job more efficiently, more thoroughly and more safely.

Superior Abrasive

Choosing the right abrasive can have a tremendous impact on your effectiveness, timelines, maintenance, and bottom line. We are committed to sourcing and supplying abrasives that perform well across all applications, in all conditions.

GMA Garnet

Our most highly recommended abrasive for nearly all applications is GMA Garnet, a product that reduces on-site dust levels while increasing production and reducing waste.


Abrasives Consultation/Specification

While the cost of your abrasives medium may constitute only 2% of total job costs, proper material specification can increase speed by 50%, maybe more, making it imperative to choose the right blasting media. But how can you determine which abrasive will do the job? How can you be sure you’ve specified the right material on a bid?

Call us! Our technical engineers will help you assess all your project requirements, helping you choose the right abrasive and dramatically improving your bottom line.

Superior Know-How

BlastOne has long been recognized and respected for outstanding customer service and technical excellence. We’ll work with you to create the ideal system for your purposes, assist with the design, build, installation, training and after-sales support. BlastOne provides tailor-made solutions, cleaner results, safer working environments and a better bottom line.

Our warehouses carry over 119,000 products, and our dispatch teams are always on stand-by to have your order processed and delivered as soon as possible.


BlastOne is a firm believer that training makes all the difference. Having the best equipment and smartest planning doesn’t mean much if your technicians aren’t trained. BlastOne offers a vast array of training options. From “Train-the-Painter” SSPC accredited courses in our classrooms and practical training centers to on-site user training and support in the field.

BlastOne's Mission

We protect the world's infrastructure by reducing corrosion. This includes the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York or the Tower Bridge in London. It includes the largest Navy Warships that protect our country. In fact, anywhere there are Bridges, Ships, Pipelines, Tanks and Steel infrastructure that corrodes, we are passionate about protecting it from corrosion.
By doing so, not only do we assist the whole world to go about their lives, but we create an enjoyable family environment for our employees. We work in dynamic teams where our staff feel appreciated and feel empowered to make a difference to the well-being of their own families

We Love Giving Back to Our Community!

Blastone’s corporate values include Humility and Passion. These are employed to not only make us a better business – but also better neighbors. Outside the goal of being the most referred corrosion control company, we strive to improve the lives of our employees and those in the greater community. Our internal Employee Engagement Committee identifies, plans, and executes charitable events both near our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio – as well as near our Los Angeles branch. We assist those in need through financial donations, distribution of materials, employee volunteer events, and assistance with fundraising.

Contacting BlastOne
BlastOne offers a wide range of services from stocking leading industry products, facility design and installation, to also housing one of the largest rental fleets.