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Blast Hose: Cost VS. Quality?

Do you choose cost over quality when choosing a blast hose?

There are a few things you want to consider when purchasing a blast hose for an upcoming project. You will want to look at life expectancy, price, protection from static electric shock, and the quality of the product.


Typically, buying a cheap blast hose will cost you more than a quality hose in the long run. This is because the lifespan of a cheaper hose is immensely shorter than a quality hose.

Quality hoses have life expectancy of around 400 to 500 blasting hours vs. a cheap hoses have life expectancy of only 150-200 blasting hours.

The difference between the two is the quality of material. Our BlastOne SupaFlex Blast Hoses are all made with carbon black graphite and natural virgin rubber. Our hoses are made to have a long lifespan due to the anti static quality that gets rid of the wall’s static electricity.

Make sure to choose quality over cost when choosing a blast hose.

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