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Moisture traps may be causing you significant pressure loss

Often blast pot moisture separators not only block water – but unfortunately, block needed air pressure.

Blast Pots are commonly outfitted with a Moisture Separator to prevent moisture coming from the air compressor from entering into the blast stream.  And though moisture in the blast stream should be eliminated as much as possible – these restrictive separators create a terrible drag on the productivity of the entire project.

Here’s How: The problem with filters

These inlet separators are typically designed more as filters than actual moisture separators. As such they work by spinning the air and then forcing it through a fine filter element, which removes dust.   This too is desirable, but once these filters get clogged, the subsequent air pressure is reduced and the entire productivity of the blaster – their speed – plummets.

We have consulted on projects where we were able to measure up to 18 psi of pressure loss caused by a blocked moisture separator alone!

How to check for pressure loss?

By using a Nozzle Pressure Gauge Kit, you can easily measure the psi lost through the Blast Pot (inlet vs outlet hose).  One simple trick is to remove the bowl at the bottom of the Moisture Separator and simply remove the filter. You will most likely measure an immediate increase in pressure and production by doing this.

An even more effective method is to remove the filter altogether and run the compressed air through a BlastOne air prep system.  This will remove moisture in an effective manner and send cool, dry air to the blast pot for higher pressure and productivity.The solution

To completely get rid of that Moisture Separator you can use a High Performance BlastOne Air Prep Air Dryer and see your performance climb.

Don’t let a restrictive Moisture Separator hold your production back.

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