Velocity™ System


Technology insertion to exponentially increase shipyard blast and coat production.


The individual technologies include, but are not limited to: 

  • Intelliblast Blast Pot Controls: 
    • Smart controls that optimize blasting parameters for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Snakebite Blasting Nozzles
    • High-performance nozzles designed for precise and powerful material removal, reducing blasting time and lowering process noise. 
  • Rapidly Deployable Containments
    • Innovative containment systems that can be quickly deployed, ensuring a controlled environment, and minimizing the spread of contaminants. 
  • Vortex Airflow Movement
    • Proprietary airflow design that lowers energy consumption, enhances ventilation, and ensures the efficient removal of particles from the blasting and painting areas. 
  • Combination Dual Air Plenums
    • Dual air plenums that provide a uniform and controlled airflow, optimizing the blasting and painting processes. 
  • Energy Recovery System (ERS)
    • An energy recovery system that captures and recycles heat energy, reducing overall energy consumption and operational costs 
  • Robot Ready Design
    • A structure and system that is designed to be capable of supporting automated process equipment 


  • Faster production cycles 
  • Reduced operational costs 
  • Enhanced environmental sustainability
  • Improved worker safety

Velocity™ System

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BlastOne’s Velocity™ System is a game-changing advancement tailor-made for the demands of the US Navy. This innovative system is designed to be rapidly inserted into stressed shipyard and supplier production environments, alleviating short-term blast and coat bottlenecks.

The Velocity™ System is a patent pending integration of advanced technologies which are proprietary to BlastOne. Each technology by itself provides sustained advantages, however, the combination is a force multiplier, giving exponential results.