Earth straps and airless sprayers

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, discusses the dangers of tightening fittings on pressurized airless spray lines

So, you probably wondering what this green thing is hanging off here, with this curly wire.

Basically, what can happen is because you went running a wire braid hose and the machines sitting on rubber wheels, you may need to earth the piece of equipment.

So, this alligator clip is designed to be placed onto a pre-cleaned piece of steel which is earth. Even a piece of pipe of the ground is adequate, as long as the contacts are clean, and it’s earthed onto the appropriate surface to ensure that you get a good earth.

The whole reason we have this earth strap is because asses humans generate static electricity. Also, too, by pulling the trigger, some products will exacerbate static electricity.

So, primarily, what we do, because we use in products that at times high in VOCs, we’ll make sure we earthed the piece of equipment to ensure that there is no sparking or static at the tip end of the gun.

So, that’s what that earth strap is for. What I suggest to do is use it.

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