Mobile Dust Collector Start up and Lead Paint Removal

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, discusses mobile dust collector start up and lead paint removal

So, this must have 100psi over this all the time. So, the inlet pressure of this must accommodate a 100psi nomination on the regulator to maintain the appropriate functionality of the pulse valves or Goyan valves through the filter plates.

Also, here you can see, there’s an emergency stop. The emergency stop cancels this section out and so that it no longer actuates functions. Here, we have the control panel for the engine itself.

So, the engine, the drive, on this is the most significant aspect, primarily because, it makes the whole thing work. It works two things. One is, it drives the big fan that draws all this air through. It has a hydraulic pump to actuate and alternate the auger to remove the consolidation and accumulation of debris at the bottom of the cabinet itself.

So, here, we have a key, of course, with three gauges that tell us oil pressure, temperature of the engine, water and voltage. Of course, this significant one here is revs per minute.

So, the reason we have to make sure that this is accessible, primarily because, when we start the engine, we’re going to engage the clutch and then we’re going to give it the appropriate revs to make the thing work towards optimum ability.

So, with all of these types of equipment, there is the key to remove to make it safe if when you’re not on site. Also, when you turn the key to a certain position, you’ll need to push an override switch and turn the key. Get the thing to run, hold the switch in for a few moments, and that little light goes out where we go. So, that is all in here. Makes it easy for you understand, easy to operate.

Ensure that, when you’re finished and doing your daily inspections all these hatches are closed and the whole unit is closed. Because it’s sucking a massive amount of air through this particular unit. It’s important that all the hatches are closed. Everything’s sealed up so that it has the opportunity to facilitate and filter the air that it draws through from your job.

So, because it’s 40,000 CFM, we can actually attach two sets of ducts to this and draw from two different areas or alternate areas within your encapsulation. As far as the encapsulation is concerned, it’s important to note that you have a sealed unit. As far as encapsulation is concerned, no big holes, cut in the encapsulation, corners not meeting, and folding around appropriately.

So, we’re trying to enclose as much as we can because if you’re in an environment that’s got lead within the abrasives that you may be utilizing, it’s important to remember that the filters in this unit and the closure of this unit is maintained to harness and house any
contamination that may be within the encapsulation of which you’re working.

So, by doing that, say for example, the filters which are periodically replaced in this unit, if you’re in a lead environment, of course, those filters then are deemed a contaminant and must be dispensed with the appropriate manner.

The big box here, no need for you to access that. That’s all preset for those pulsing valves. So, if you find that you have 100 psi on here, open the valve and after a short period of time, those valves aren’t pulsing, and you’ll hear them with a sharp clean ‘tsssh’.

So, when you hear that, you know that they’re working properly. If you don’t hear that after a period of time, you’ll need to consult your manual to see if you’ve missed something in the periodic steps of procedure in relation to operation.

Alternatively, ring Blastone and say “the pulses hasn’t worked on this particular unit”. Have our mister step out and the helpdesk will be able to help you overcome anything
you may have missed.

So, with any unit that you send air, there’s a receiver up there at the top. So, it’s just a holding tank for air for those particular boughs to draw from but with any tank, of course.

Ultimately, there needs to be a drain valve for that team. So, as we pan through this particular unit, I’ll be able to show you where you can drain that tank daily for any accumulated moisture and it is relative to how much moisture there is in the air as to how much it draws.

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