Blast Hose Coupling Safety Lock Pins


  • Must be installed in all blast hose couplings for safety
  • Stops the blast hose coupling rotating and disconnecting
  • HF-CLP1 is the thin type lock pin (Pack of 25)
  • HF-CLP2 is the thick type lock pin (Pack of 25)
  • HF-CLP3 is the nylon coupling spring type lock pin (Pack of 10)
  • HF-CLP4 is the multi-fit spring type lock pin (Pack of 25)


Use on all metal sandblast couplings – air as well as blast couplings. Maximize your protection in the event of coupling failure – use coupling pins and whipchecks. Blast hose Coupling safety pins/locks prevent accidental disconnection of blast or air hose couplings. Safety locking pins and safety lock clips are available to suit all sizes of coupling. 4 different styles available.

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Thin, Thick, Nylon, Multi-Fit