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Using a Tornado Blaster to Increase Productivity

There are a few factors to consider when it’s taking you awhile to remove coating. It could depend on the thickness of the coating, the blast pressure, or how well the coating is adhered. If the blast pressure is too low, you can increase it with a compressor.

If you’re looking to really increase efficiency, you’ll want to look into the Tornado Blaster. The Tornado Blaster improves productivity from 55-65 sqft/hr to up to 320 sqft/hr. What a difference!


The Tornado Blaster has double nozzles that rotate up to 400rpm. This allows the blaster to immensely increase efficiency. The Tornado Blaster has a large blast pattern; three to five times wider than a normal blast pattern to be exact. The worker is able to blast more efficiently and more importantly, evenly, with the Tornado Blaster’s large blast pattern.

Even though the same size compressor is used for the Tornado Blaster as a number 8 nozzle, it blasts the double nozzles at once.


The operator of the blaster only has to guide the blast head with the Tornado Blaster versus having to use the scribble technique. The scribble technique causes much more fatigue compared to just having to simply guide it over the surface.


The Tornado will cut costs on abrasives. With the two nozzles, it only uses 1.5 times the amount of abrasive versus the single nozzle.

Rent the Tornado Blaster today!

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