Dustless Vapor Blasting Equipment Buying Guide

Dustless, Vapor & Mist Blasting

Dustless Vapor Blasting has been an increasing trend in the industry along with the focus on nuisance dust reduction on jobsites. With over 40 years of experience in sales and service in this industry, BlastOne has seen a lot of different types of wet or dustless vapor blasting equipment & machines, including Schmidt AmphiBlast, Quill, WetBlasters, Dustless and Blastone’s MIST Blasters. We trust this article helps you to understand the different type of equipment we recommend for your applications.

BlastOne is America’s global undisputed industry expert, we understand dry and wet sandblasting equipment and provide unparalleled support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in the United States including Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, California, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Let us ‘wet’ your appetite with our range

From the smallest to the largest wet blast machines, BlastOne has the largest range of blasting equipment in-stock
and available for sale or rent across the United States including main hubs in California and Ohio.

MistBlasterTM Dustless Vapor Blasting Machine – Most Popular

dustless water wet vapor blasting equipment buying guide

The Mist Blaster is the most popular dustless vapor blasting machine on the market because of the simplicity of its operation and dual-purpose.

The Mist Blaster uses all the same technology that blasting contractors are used to – the Thompson Valve or the TeraValve but with the added benefit of being able to do dry or wet blasting with the same blast pot.

  • Pot Capacity – 6.5 cuft / 950 lbs of Garnet
  • Water usage – 1 pint per minute


  • Industrial Contractors who do wet and dry blasting
  • Wash Down after blasting
  • Blow Down after dry blasting


Skid-Mounted Dustless Vapor Blasting Package

Dustless Vapor Blasting Equipment Skid mounted wet blasting package mistblaster

This is a skid mounted blasting package perfect for the semi-mobile blasting contractor.  The compact set-up can be housed in the back of a pickup truck which can also tow a portable compressor.  This arrangement allows for a simple change should a different compressor be better suited for the project.  The skid mounted package also makes it easy for contractors to ship this via common carrier to distant jobsites or facilities and simply connect to the on-site air supply.



• Skid-mounted Schmidt 6.5 cuft pot
• MistBlaster Wet and Dry Blasting system upgrade
• 400 cfm Schmidt Air dryer with Deliquescent
• Air distribution system.
• RPB Breathing Air filter and GX4 CO Gas Monitor System
• 50 Gallon water tank
• Air and Blast Hoses, Nova 3 Blast Helmet and Blast Nozzle
• Everything you need to blast fast, safely and professionally.


Trailer Mounted Dustless Vapor MistBlasting Complete Set-Up

BlastOne MistBlaster Trailer package with airdryer and compressor

This all-in-one trailer mounted system is designed to allow the blasting and painting contractor to pull up-to the jobsite and begin blasting fast. The system is designed for professional blasting contractors who are looking to increase their onsite mobilization. This is designed to leave room for the contractor to store 1 pallet of abrasive and all their hoses on this trailer. If you are looking for a system that is designed for blasting cars or small hobby blasting, its probably oversize for you.


• BlastOne MistBlaster 6.5 cuft Schmidt blast pot
• 22 foot tandem trailer with 7000lb axles
• 375 cfm Air compressor rated to 150 psi
• 275 Gallon water tank
• 400cfm Squat moisture removal airdryer
• Diamond Plated Job Box
• Breathing Air Filter and GX4 Carbon Monoxide Monitor
• Blast Hoses, Helmet and Nozzles – everything you need to get blasting


Schmidt AmphiBlast Single Outlet Dustless Vapor Mist Blaster

dustless water wet vapor blasting equipment buying guide

The AmphiBlast dustless vapor blasting system is the new standard for multi-purpose blasters. It uses tried and true Schmidt blasting equipment and combines the dustless vapor blasting and dry blasting systems into one to create the best of both worlds.

One of the features that contractors like the most is the repeatability of the settings. You set the pressure one day and it will work just the same a week later – even when on a jobsite!.

  • 5 cuft pot will hold about 500 lbs. of garnet
  • Uses 1.25 pints of water/minute


  • Single operator
  • Skid or Trailer mounting
  • Can Dry blast/Wet blast/Blowdown/Washdown


Schmidt AmphiBlast Dual Outlet Dustless Vapor Mist Blaster

dual outlet schmidt amphiblast mist blaster

The new Dual outlet AmphiBlast dustless vapor blasting system is the now the industry standard for wet and dry blast machines. It uses Genuine Schmidt blasting equipment and combines technologies from wet blasting and dry blasting systems into one, and gives two operators independent controls.

One of the features that contractors like the most is the repeatability of the settings. You set the pressure one day and it will work just the same a week later – even when on a jobsite!.

  • 5 cuft pot will hold 500 lbs. of garnet
  • Uses 1.25 pints of water/minute


  • Dual independent operator
  • Skid or Trailer mounting
  • For the serious industrial blaster
  • Can Dry blast/Wet blast/Blowdown/Washdown


Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast Quad-Outlet Dustless Vapor MegaBlaster

dustless vapor water wet blasting equipment buying guide

Combining the features of a megablaster and dustless vapor abrasive blasting, the Bulk AmphiBlast has a super large capacity that allows 2-4 blasters to blast for 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot and each blaster can choose independently if they want to blast dry or wet

Built for continuous high production use, contractors swear by their money-saving features. You can have for independent operators  – two on the outside of a tank wet blasting and 2 on the inside of the tank dry blasting!

  • Water usage – 1.25 pints / minute
  • 160 cuft pot will hold 10 tons of garnet


  • Multiple Operators – up to 4 operators per blast machine
  • Large projects on different jobsites
  • Skid or Trailer mounted
  • Highest level of productivity
  • 4 independent modes
    • MISTTM Blasting
    • Dry Blasting
    • Washdown/SoftwashTM
    • Blowdown


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Unique DUSTLESS VAPOR Blast Machine Ordering Considerations

Getting the optimal blast pot for your unique needs is very important. If you are serious about blasting, you will want to ensure you get a machine that supplies you the productivity you need.

Few Golden Rules about dustless vapor sandblasting

  1. Pressure at the blast nozzle is the #1 indicator of your productivity – you need to get a balanced system
  2. If your blast pot loses more then 3psi across it, something is wrong with its design, or something needs fixed
  3. Dry air blasts 10% faster than wet air
  4. The first question we will ask a new operator is what size compressor do you have
  5. The faster you blast, the more money you make

Electric or Pneumatic Operating Systems Options

Pneumatic Blast Pot Controls

Pneumatic system is the most common in Australia, the deadman system uses the air that comes from the compressor.

If you are going to be blasting with a hose longer then 40 metres, you will need to upgrade to an electric deadman system, so the operator doesn’t have a delayed pot shutdown in the case of an accident.

Electric Blast Pot Controls

Electric Deadman’s are 12volt operator. If you are a contractor working on multiple jobsites, you will typically hook it up to a battery, so make sure you buy some battery leads that will power your system. If you are using electric deadman in a fixed installation, you can buy a 240/12volt transformer to run your system.

All metering valves and deadman control lines are pneumatic, but the deadman cable that goes to the operator and tells the blast pot controls when to start and stop will be electric.

Moisture Removal System Options

The need for having dry air for blasting makes an AirPrep one of the most important components of your dustless vapor Blasting Equipment. The size of your moisture separator depends on the size of your blast nozzle, the larger your nozzle, the more capacity your air dryer needs. If you don’t use a moisture separator, your abrasive will get damp inside the blast pot and will not flow freely into the blasting stream – you will simply be wasting abrasive.

We do not recommend contractors use a typical MSC Style moisture separator because they don’t remove enough moisture and they lose valuable pressure.

Productivity Enhancement Package Options

 Making an additional investment to enhance your day-to-day productivity can pay off for years to come. If you can find a cost-effective way inside your budget to increase your productivity, it can give you a competitive edge when onsite.

Your dustless vapor or dry blasting equipment can come in one of our pre-configured solutions.

pipeliner skid mount equipment blasting

Starter Skid

This is great if you are looking to get into blasting, typically comes with a 3.5 cuft blast pot & 250 cfm AirDryer

Blasting Equipment pipeliner skid

Pipeliner Skid

This is what the guys blasting weld joints on a pipeline would typically use, its heavy duty, with a 6.5 cuft pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, tool box and room for more abrasive, allows them to go all day without having to return for more abrasive.

pipeliner skid with compressor

Truck mounted skid

This is for those contractors that are constantly changing jobsites or who offer a quick response in the field to their customers. This large skid has a compressor, AirPrep, 1 or 2 blast pots, tool box and more.

pipeline blasting trailer mobile package compressor blast pot air preparation

Trailer Mounted

This is good for the contractors who typically do commercial painting and get asked to do blasting every know and again. These contractors have trucks all fitted out with their painting gear, and just bring this blasting trailer along when they need it. It has a 6.5 pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, 400cfm compressor and room for hoses and abrasive.

pipeliner mega blaster

Crawler Mounted

This is for the serious pipeline blaster. This machine has a 4-ton blast pot that 4 blasters can blast off all day for 8 hours without having to stop and refill. This would typically be used where you are doing a complete reblast of a pipeline.

Common Blasting Packaged Accessories

What else do you need to buy when you buy a blast pot
To make it easy for our customer we group items to meet different needs.

blasting packages

Package A: Moisture Separator and Deadman Controls

This kit comes with every blast pot you buy – you can’t use it without these items

blasting packages

Package B: Package A plus Blast Hose, Nozzle and Lid/Screen

These are the most common accessories bought with the blast pot when someone has existing equipment that they are just expanding or replacing existing equipment

blasting packages

Package C: Package B plus Operator Safety Equipment

This is what customers buy when they are adding on another crew or outfitting another blasting truck

blasting packages

Package D: Package C plus PPE and Spare Parts

This is the typical package purchased by customers that are starting blasting for the first time or starting up in a new area in the country and need everything to get going.

Finally – don’t forget abrasive

Talk to one of our team about what you are planning to blast from dustless vapor blasting to dry, and we can get you the right grade of garnet or abrasives.

Ring our consultants today on 1-800-999-1881 to discuss your dustless vapor blasting requirements.

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